Looking for a KickAss glass cleaner? Then it's time to try KickAss Glass Wipes. These ammonia-free wipes will clean the filthiest glass surfaces and leave them with a dazzling shine.

70 Count Glass Wipes

The 20 Count is our smallest container. It's great to throw in your garage or truck to get cleaned up when you’re on the move or working at home.

20 Count Canister

Resealable to keep them fresh. Throw this bucket in the back of the truck and get to work, or put it on your work station and have clean hands and tools all day.

400 Count Bucket

400 Count Refill Bag

Our 400 Count Bag is perfect for refilling your bucket of wipes. They're great for auto shops or companies where you end up working hard and getting a little dirty. These refills will save you time and money.